Stephen with Bow
Pen (triptych)
Silly String
Powder (triptych)
Mask copy.jpg
Potato (triptych)
Lemon (triptych)

This work addresses the balance of power between two individuals invested in each other, emotionally and contractually bound. In collaborating with my husband in a series of conceptual photographs I construct images that address the struggle for control in our relationship through 'tests' of love and endurance agreed through trust, negotiation and compromise. Aggressive, yet playful and humorous, I explore the power dynamics between husband and wife whilst also testing the boundaries of photographer and sitter.
I am interested in who plays the role of dominant or submissive and how these change or blend depending on circumstances. Through the work I express adoration and celebration of him physically, exploring materiality and his external surface, whilst he demonstrates his devotion to me through suffering mild discomfort and humiliation.